The ‘gig’ economy is no longer a buzzword. The event environment has changed as has the way freelancers work with event organisers. Temporary positions are common and organisations contract with independent workers for short-term work on a regular basis. But there are pain points to this new way of working. Scheduling, communicating with and booking freelancers can be a nightmare, especially in the deluge of applications used at every juncture in the event organising process.

Well, forget the ‘little black book’ of old. Enter the ‘Little Black App’. Jarrod Bischoff, the founder of event freelance marketplace Event Pro Finder, explains that “working with freelancers for 15 years has allowed me to look at the problems that event professionals face with a certain empathy. Due to the seasonality of events, the high workloads and short lead times, sourcing freelancers can be daunting.”

Jarrod argues that “emails, phone calls and chat groups don’t offer the efficiencies needed for organisers in the contracting of freelancers in the gig-economy of today. This is why we’ve been working with organisers, major event suppliers and freelancers in designing a solution that works to simplify some of these challenges.”

Event Pro Finder exists as the event organisers and freelancer ‘Little Black App’. The new platform serves to make their lives easier. Freelancers upload profiles which are searchable by organisers. Organisers can then communicate, schedule and make invoice and payment arrangements through the platform. It’s not rocket science – just a better way of working to save both time and money. The app includes unique skill filters to find the right freelancers, synced calendars, so organisers only book freelancers that are available and a team messaging system that aims to simplify all collaboration on projects. The interface works across both desktop and mobile – Event Pro Finder, if you’re in events, is going to be your new best friend.

Jay Dodds, founder of Refresh Festival UK, adds “we employed Event Pro Finder to assist us in the mammoth task of recruiting freelancers for the event. Jarrod and the platform played a crucial role in finding, booking and liaising with each team.”

Jarrod adds “that we’re now in Beta 3.0 and have been actively working with a loyal group of Beta testers to refine our services. Our plan these next few months is to continue understanding how our customers use the platform before we begin to monetise from it.

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We’re simplifying the way professionals in the events industry find work and collaborate.

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