EventPro Spotlight: Production Manager Andrew Rungen

Today’s EventPro Spotlight introduces us to freelance production manager, Andrew (Andy) Rungen from Event Support UK. Andy has worked on some major projects for Cirque du Soliel and Disney on Ice, and has acquired skills including AutoCAD, rigging and pyrotechnics, and he is also a licensed forklift and IPAF operator.

Having acquired a vast array of skills over the years, he knows what he wants, and enjoys making use of the skills and flexibility offered by freelancers for events as opposed to hiring permanent staff. He states his main reasons for doing so being the flexibility to adapt the workforce to suit each project’s unique requirements. He always has a solid team alongside him and it’s almost always comprised of freelancers.

We took a moment to hear his views on the industry and freelancers in general. It’s this kind of information that freelancers can use to improve in their roles and secure more ongoing work.

What do you wish freelancers understood about the job that you do?

My job is to put together and coordinate good teams. I don’t need freelancers to understand that. I simply need them to focus on their job.

What makes a great freelancer, in your opinion?

I will always re-hire someone who listens and pays attention to the brief. They will be presentable, on time and courteous, all while doing their job. Also people who go the extra mile for little or no reward, I always remember that and would definitely hire them again.

On the flipside, what makes someone a poor freelancer who you wouldn’t hire again?

Plenty of reasons, but tardiness and having the wrong type of attitude are right at the top. I’ve had freelancers not arrive for a job without so much as a phonecall. Needless to say I never used them again. I also have no time for people who talk themselves up but don’t deliver.

What is the greatest lesson you’ve learnt from events?

Contingency planning: the worst may never happen, but if it does, you’ll be glad you planned for it. Along with that and it goes without saying, you’re never too experienced to keep learning.

How do you see the state of the UK events industry at the moment?

It always seems to be an exciting time, with the industry constantly improving and innovating. Not to mention the strides that event technology is taking. We are extremely fortunate to have such great products and support from UK suppliers, and that keeps us in a good place.

Drawing on these lessons and the experience from Andy, it is clear that success as an EventPro is not guaranteed. In order for one to grow both in business and develop ones skills, a combination of hard work, professionalism and social intellect is required to be masterfully administered, for as the old adage goes, ‘we’re only as good as our last job.’

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