EventProFinder BETA – A Work In Progress

EventProFinder BETA Testing - A Work In Progress

For those that have never heard of us, EventProFinder is a platform that was created with the purpose of helping event freelancers find work on a more regular basis. It has the dual-function of also creating a link between event organisers and good, trusted, hard working freelancers in the planning and execution of events.

‘a platform that was created with the purpose of helping event freelancers find work… and linking event organisers to good, trusted, hard working freelancers…’

EventProFinder came to life in 2013 when a close friend of Founder Jarrod Bischoff, who had been employed in the industry for 6 years, was made redundant. Having decided to have a go at freelancing, this friend soon realised just how tightly knit the industry was as he initially struggled to find work. At that point, there was no outside support for someone in his position, which is where the idea for EventProFinder first arose. The initial plan was to create something that would open doors for event newcomers looking to get started in the industry, whilst also giving event organisers more choice through a self-regulating freelance ecosystem.

EventProFinder Coming To Fruition

After 1 year of development, EventProFinder BETA was finally launched in April 2016. With the help of hundreds of users, our team has gathered sufficient information to create the solution that we hope will add value to many freelancers across the UK. Throughout its development, we have been drawing on the feedback and experiences of both individual freelancers and major event production companies and suppliers. By doing this, we are ensuring that everything we do is relevant so that we can add value to the lives of those who work in our industry.

Originally, we wanted to develop a system that allowed freelancers to create basic profiles that event organisers could browse through. After much deliberation, it was soon proven that this was not enough functionality to allow relationships to flourish. We have since refocused our energies on improving the core functionality around communication, bookings and maximising the self-promotion of each EventPro.

‘improving the core functionality around communication, bookings and maximising the self-promotion of each EventPro…’

The June 2016 deadline was always going to be a stretch and it looks as though we will be extending it to November 2016. This will give our team enough time to test, fine-tune and make any final iterations before the launch of EventProFinder ALPHA.

We Need Your Help

If you’re interested in joining our team of ‘early adopters’ who have come onboard to help test the platform, please go to www.eventprofinder.com and fill in your details. As a thank you, we will be giving away loads of free access to the platform upon launch in October 2016.

Please drop us a line at ask@eventprofinder.com, we would love to hear from you.

Happy eventing.

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